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because interactive media is the future of marketing.

Abilene Christian University, Student Recreation and Wellness Center

A series of 30 instructional workout videos were developed for the Abilene Christian University, Student Recreation and Wellness Center. View more videos here.

The World's Back Yard 

 The World's Backyard is an organization in Abilene, Texas that focuses on establishing relationships with children who are a part of the local refugee community through sports.  These videos were created for recruiting within the universities where volunteers attend.  The World's Back Yard is a part of the Pro2G Mission. 

Easter 2013.

The World's Back Yard Field Olympics 2013. 

Video Concept Creation: Love your body Week 2012, ACU

In the Spring of 2012, the Student's Association of Abilene Christian University was tasked with the promotion of Love Your Body Week, a week where students could access different on-campus events that promoted health and wellness of mind, body, and soul.  The video is a concept where the main actors where to show freedom in being who they were.  Video by Ben Weaver.


Video created to promote video gaming competition on Lipscomb University's campus.  Using well-known gaming characters, the concept involved bringing those games to life on-campus.  Graphic design for lettering and poster imagery also done by Helga Sierra. 

Personal PROJECT-Travel: Helga travels to Asia

In May of 2014, Helga joined a Lipscomb University group of MBA students for a week in Hong Kong and China, as a part of their Global Business Experience.  She then spent a week in Cebu, Philippines along side a friend.  Since most of Helga's travels had been with family, the video served as a way for them to experience the Asian culture, through her eyes as a first-time tourist in these places.