Helga Sierra
Helga Sierra


Helga Sierra’s artistic portfolio

Where are you Headed?, An Installation


Art Installation created for the collective art show
INSTALA at the Centro Cultural España Tegucigalpa.

The art show showcased 10 contemporary artists who created different art installations.


I have had multiple ideas of what my paintings could look like in a 3-D space. This was my first installation of this nature, and it was a challenge to move passed my traditional 2-D approach, while maintaining a discourse that used similar elements.

Part of my work in the “Movement Series”

Initial Sketches For Proposal


  • Painted 15 pairs of shoes with 4 layers of white paint, following by painting the soles with Montana Spray Paint..

  • Created a painting using the same colors that would be opened up to show the moments of inspiration behind the piece in 3 minute video title “Where are you headed”

  • Created Video

  • Installed the shoes with a black string traditionally used in the shoe making process to attach the soles to boots.

  • Installed 3 mirrors on the left side of the room

  • Created shadows with the light.

This art show was the first time an art show focused strictly in installation work in Honduras.

Final Result

Helga Sierra