Helga Sierra
Helga Sierra


Helga Sierra’s artistic portfolio

Where are you Headed?: Installation

One of ten artists commissioned for the collective show Instala at the Centro Cultural España Tegucigalpa (CCET-AECID). The CCET-AECID is a cultural institution, leader in contemporary art.


Our path in life does not always turn out to be what we dreamed or planned. We have to adapt to the circumstances that we cannot control and thus constantly change in different situations. Emotions such as joy, sadness, frustration, among others, make us react in unexpected ways.

Life goes on.

Our shoes take us from one place to another.

They move us and in turn, they are an element of identification; shoes tell us who we are and where we are going. Inspired by observing people walking and the dynamics present in different cities, this work is a reflection on life and the places in which we find ourselves, the stages that we go through, the dreams we have and the actions we take to create our future.

Painting with black and white video of motion.

Painting with black and white video of motion.

Three minute video played on loop as a focal point of the installation, the video contrasts life in New York City and Tegucigalpa.

Photos courtesy of Alejandro Flores, Honduran videographer currently based in Miami.

Text courtesy of CCET AECID, created for a limited edition set of post cards created for the exhibition.

Helga Sierra