Helga Sierra
Helga Sierra
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because capturing moments through a lens is a fun part of life.

Photography is one of her hobbies, while she hasn't pursued this professionally, capturing moments is one of the ways Helga expresses her creativity.  The subject matters she enjoys capturing the most involve color, travel, urban landscapes, nature, and children.

Hong Kong, Ghuangzhou: China & Cebu: Philippines

Traveling in the USA

While Helga has lived in the US for the past 6 years, every time she goes somewhere she'll have a camera at hand, to capture what seems interesting.  Nature and Architecture are some of her favorite subjects to capture, when traveling.  A couple of her favorite Nashville pictures are included as well. 

World's Back Yard

While in college at Abilene Christian, Helga was involved with the World's Back Yard (WBY).  Helga's passion for kids is one of her biggest, and taking pictures of these kids is still one of her favorite things.  WBY was important in her college career as it allowed her to stay in contact with one of her deepest desires, and that is to serve children. 

Los Pinos, Tegucigalpa 2011

Helga started to volunteer at her local church at the age of 14 when missionaries would come to do vacation bible school with children in the community of Los Pinos.  Since then the program that serves the kids has expanded to a Breakfast Program where nearly 100 children will receive a breakfast meal and play for 2 hours each day.  During her college summers, Helga would return to Tegucigalpa and spend most days volunteering and playing with the kids.  She always had a camera in hand to capture the smiles of the kids who made her day. 

Los Pinos, Tegucigalpa 2012

In 2012, 5 of Helga's best friends from college had the opportunity to visit Tegucigalpa.  It was a special time as they got to understand and meet the family, friends, and kids she had been talking about for 4 years.  Of course, she had a camera around. 


It's all about having fun with the VSCO Cam app.