Helga Sierra
Helga Sierra




because it is an expression from the depths of the soul.

A Passion that began at age 8

From going to an art studio once a week since the age of 8, to currently developing her mature and unique style. See featured paintings including most recent work and Helga's work as a teenager.  


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What are you envisioning for your piece? Where is it going? Are you interested in a painting, drawing, or mural?
Please enter the budget for you have allocated for the piece.

Commissioned pieces are unique works of art that try to capture a special moment, unique experience, or feeling that you might have.  

  1. Fill out this form with your idea.  (This could be a painting, chalk art, or more!)
  2. Expect a follow up email where a time to talk via phone or skype will follow.  Before starting a project, clear communication is key so you understand what Helga, as the artist can offer. 
  3. A project proposal with details about the project including inspiration pictures, calendar and more will be sent to you via email.  This project proposal will also include a contract with payment terms, cost of shipping and expected final date.  Once you agree to the contract and pay a percentage down payment, production will begin. 
  4. Then you will have an amazing and unique piece!