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"La historia entre tus dedos"

Girona + Barcelona

A title request from my friend Luis.  I have been in Lisbon for almost 3 weeks so to think that I'm just now posting these pictures makes me realize how much time goes by quickly.  As mentioned in my previous post, I've known Luis my whole life.  To travel across the globe and be able to hang was a great treat.  While he was working during the week I did lots of exploring on my own, but on a Saturday we visited the little town of Girona.  

Famously known for a bridge (that reminded me of Florence), and its now famous castles that are featured in the last season of Game of Thrones.  Too bad I stopped watching that show after a couple of episodes or I would have been way more excited as to where I was.  We arrived and looked for the fortress entrance so we could walk towards the main center.  It was quite small, the map made it look massive.  I guess back in the day, this was quite a large wall. 

We booked a train ticket to leave in the morning and come back in the evening.  DO NOT MAKE THIS MISTAKE.  If you walk the city, you can basically see it in half a day, including a lunch break.   Also, this is Spain: they shut things down for siesta at 2.  Needless to say, we went back to the train station to catch see if we could switch tickets for an earlier train. 

We did eat cheap and delicious patatas.  We walked along a fortress, saw a couple of traditional churches and walked ALL the streets in the touristy part.  

I would have to say that my favorite part was walking by one of the churches to see a bride and groom about to walk in through majestic doors before they said "I do" for the rest of their lives.  I even snagged a picture because it was a pretty epic back drop. 

Back of the Main Church in Girona. Favorite.

Back of the Main Church in Girona. Favorite.

Favorite Color Scheme at the moment. 

Favorite Color Scheme at the moment. 


The day after Girona I made Luis take me to a nice beach in Barcelona. Apparently, the one I had been to in Playa Barceloneta earlier that week was too touristy.  I should have not gotten off the bus on the stop I did.  Either way, I enjoyed my first little adventure to the beach as well. 

HSD_Barcelona Beach.jpg

It was great, except for the fact that we had to take turns swimming because someone had to watch our things. So I didn't take my camera out to take pictures.  Here's some pictures from a previous post that I can't get enough of.  Barcelona is not the safest city, because pick pockets and thieves know that there are many affluent tourists visiting the city.  

The water was perfect. As I swam to the deepest part swimmers are allowed to I looked back.  Families soaking up the sun, sand volleyball, the Barcelona skyline and hills in the far back.

Since I didn't take pictures at the beach.  Here's a little video of the city that you might like: 


We proceeded home and I decided I would walk to Camp Nou, the Barcelona FC stadium.  I didn't plan on buying a museum pass, but once I was there I could help myself, those 25 Euros were worth my inner child being a super fan.  I wasn't able to go to the game the night before (partially because Luis isn't into soccer and we planned a day trip outside the city), but they lost so all was fine in my world.  

I walked into the trophy room and just started to get excited.  11 years before I had been to Santiago Bernabeu with my family.  It immediately brought back memories and I wish they would have been there with me.  So many jokes, and no one but them would have understood.  I walked towards the stadium and down the stairs by the pitch. Wow, so massive.  I was just as impressed as many of the churches I had visited.   I could see Messi, Suarez, Neymar, Pique, Xavi, Iniesta, and so many of the players on past squads that I've liked. I walked towards the press box and they were replaying audio from past games.  At one point we hear "Gol, Gol, Gol, goooooollllllll" we all started clapping and screaming (in our minds we had just lived that moment at the stadium).   Then I went to the Barca shop, and I just left because I wanted to buy everything, but could justify getting anything.  I already have way to many barca jerseys...

I walked towards the place I would meet Luis for one last hang out before parting ways the next day.  I sat on a bench by Avenida Diagonal and saw people running, walking, and riding bikes at 8pm.  Cars moved quickly in front, and I just sat there to soak up those last moments.  Everything about that week felt like a dream.  The colors, the history, the people, the food.  I remember my first time in Barcelona (this was my 3rd visit), it was a terrible trip.  Everything that could go wrong went wrong: we didn't have a hotel, we missed a train, we paid 90 euros for a cab. The second time was way better, and this time I think was even better.  

Since spending more time in creative pursuits, I have spent almost the entire year in developing and growing in that area. Being in Barcelona was a time of constant inspiration and challenge by seeing what talented people have accomplished throughout time. 

So here's a picture of my incredible host for the week in the wonderful city of Barcelona. 

¡Gracias por Todo! 

¡Gracias por Todo! 

Also that week, I was constantly listening to: George Ezra: Barcelona & Shakira y Carlos Vives: La Bicicleta....Look them up. 

Coming up:

Thoughts on Art and Architecture in Barcelona: a Post on Gaudi (dedicated to my mother), Showcasing A Friend's Work: Honduran Artist in Korea, and so much more!