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Art Show: Movement

On October 18, 2018 “Movement” the art show opened. Presented by the Ambassador of France to Honduras and sponsored by the Alianza Francesa Tegucigalpa, with the support of the Creative Workspace: EL TALLER HN.

Mr. Pierre-Christian Soccoja, Ambassador of France to Honduras, Helga Sierra, Joffrey Nanquette (Director of Alianza Francesa Tegucigalpa).



Rarely do we have the possibility of knowing the creative process of an artist, the work behind a work of art. In this exhibition, Helga Sierra, moves her workshop to the Alianza Francesa Tegucigalpa, and externalizes the methods she uses daily in her constant learning to find her own language.

Aware that each artist uses their own methods and processes, Helga shares her own. Photographs, sketches and paintings are the three elements exhibited in this exhibition, as fundamental components in her creative work, which she has rehearsed during almost a decade of formal studies.



Helga does not have a unique process to work with. In first instance, she tends to use photography as a method of observation, where visible and figurative elements predominate, showing a certain obsession with the physical and existential movement of people.

…showing a certain obsession with the physical and existential movement of people….


From the camera Helga moves on to the sketch. In these drawings she questions the forms that the lens captures, abandons the figure and reinterprets the image to give it a more abstract dimension. Through a limited chromatism, these sketches seek for clearer ideas, a sort of guides to define the composition of the work and the staging of the contents. Lines appear -protagonists in her paintings- as well as new aesthetic elements in this new language.


We move to the canvas, where Helga reinterprets the sketches. In this stage, the rational aspect is complemented by a more emotional and intuitive action. We no longer see achromatic hues as the artist is not afraid to look for intensity of the colors. Without dispensing the composition of the drawings, the painting regains spontaneity. Without being limited to brushes, Helga tries different materials and incorporate techniques from other free painting movements, such as graffiti.

Helga Sierra is one of the few Honduran painters of her generation, who finds in the abstract expression of painting, a field to materialize her artistic need.

Helga Sierra's paintings speak of movement, but also offer an impression of stillness.

The content of her paintings comes from his emotional unconscious, from her observations, from her personal experiences. This series, states that nothing and nobody is static, it showcases movement as the representation of changes in life and tries to paint the idea that everything comes from a synergy of causes and effects. Helga Sierra's paintings speak of movement, but also offer an impression of stillness.



This is Helga again:

To my readers and lovely followers, I hope this post gave you a glimpse into the art I’ve been creating in 2018.

Thank you to Ariel y el equipo de El Taller HN, Alianza Francesa y la Embajada de Francia en Honduras.

Last but not least, a special thanks to my family for the patience during the time of creation and set up for the art show.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the drawings or paintings send me an email at info@helgasierra.com to get an online access code to make your purchase.


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