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PHOTO: A Night of Fashion with Yoyo Barrientos

Last week I had the opportunity to collaborate with a great Honduran fashion designer, Yoyo Barrientos. He was celebrating his 25th anniversary as a designer and created a splendid collection with the beautiful backdrop of the city.   The show's theme was "The city that designed me", and the collection featured fabrics and details inspired by the "old" city's aesthetics.  The runway was located in the third level of a parking garage in the "new" city center, the mall: joining both old and new. 



I showed up a couple of hours before the show and enjoyed the hustle and bustle of the set up.  Models walking to and fro. Hair stylists, designers, photographers.  I felt like I was in a movie, (which can happen often if I allow myself to fully enjoy a moment).  Suddenly, I felt like I was in New York Fashion week or Paris Fashion Week, but I wasn't, I was in my hometown of Tegucigalpa.


Make up checks, hair checks, a prayer, time to get into fancy dresses & suits.

It was showtime. 

A play on shadows, light and the movement of the models and their garments. Wow. 

I'll let the pictures do the talking, but I am proud of the work Yoyo created.  While many of the news that talks about Honduras tends to be negative, I know that we have hard working people, and really creative people who are seeking to leave their mark.


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The long runway reminded me of an air strip.  The contrast in the colorful dresses and the gray of the pavement added more of that raw appeal to the show.  My goal was to channel what I had seen in photographs by two friends and favorites: Arlindo Camacho from Portugal and John Hillin from Nashville.  I wanted to take what I had learned from observing them and make it my own.  



Yoyo; Felicidades! Muchos exitos y gracias por dejarme colaborar contigo y tu equipo. 



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I went to Costa Rica recently for the Festival Internacional de Diseño and learned from amazing creatives from around the world including Gemma O'Brien, Snask, and more! Naturally, I took my camera and took some pictures of San Jose and the event.  Until then, I hope you enjoyed the pictures & you might find something you like on the feed below.