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Discovering Tegucigalpa once more

This year I wanted to have different friends share why they create. Every Thursday. I missed my goal this week, but that's ok.  I've been busy with other cool projects...You should keep reading. So I'm asking myself this question: 

Why do you create? 

Simply because I realized my brain works that way because my body needs to physically express what I see, what I feel. Whether that's taking a picture, designing a brochure for a client or getting my brushes and working on new paintings, I have to create on the daily. I don't think I knew how much I actually needed to create until my trip to Europe.  Once I realized that it gave me more freedom, so here I am back in Tegucigalpa, trying to create lots of things.  

One of them being: I'm having my very first art show in April.  

Part of me is terrified, but I'm mostly excited.  I'll be posting more on process of creating a collection/show, but for now, I'll share some "travel" pictures of my home: Tegucigalpa. 

Every time I'm back home, I give myself a challenge:  How do I look at my city with new eyes?   How does the familiar become a new adventure?  (Life would be so dull otherwise). Most of these are pictures that I took in November and December as I arrived home.   It's been quite a change from taking my camera everywhere and taking pictures daily, to only taking a few here and there. 


Valle de Angeles

Every tourist comes here, there's some great pupusas, coffee and souvenirs.  I mostly enjoy the colorful houses and the quaint feeling of a small little town with brick roads.  On one of these trips, I took one of my friends from Nashville to the nearby Santa Lucia.  The views of the city & the sunset were amazing! 

Art Museums

I've found several cool hangout spots.  They've been here for a long time, but now that I know that I learn a lot at museums, besides the fact that I just enjoy them I'm being a little more intentional about spending time in the different galleries throughout the city. 

One of the shows I've been to most recently was Cesar Chinchilla's exhibit at the Centro Cultural de España en Tegucigalpa. His work is a satire with regards to the current Honduran reality.  Since, I've been mostly in a different place for the last 8 years, I was very curious to see what another young artist had to say about his reality.  We met up later that week, and I was very honored to know a great artist in the city.  We're about the same age and as he shared his story, I could understand more of why he does art, and the excellence he pursues as he creates. 



I've been noticing sunsets a lot lately.  5:40 pm and the clouds start to change colors.  I notice them in the city, I notice them when I drive up towards La Tigra.  I can't complain.  Tegucigalpa has some of the prettiest sunsets. 


Farmer's Market

I've posted about the market several times. I love going there to take pictures.  People are shopping, people are working.  Families have been there for 3 or more generations.  The vegetables show the colors of my city and I love observing amidst the motion.  Here's only a couple of my recent favorites.  I haven't been able to take pictures the last couple of times that I've been, but I'm hoping I can print some of these off and give to the people who let me take their pictures. 


Coming Up Next:

I think that soon I'll post about the new modern buildings in the city.  As I drive through the streets I notice new lines and neutral colors.  It'll be a different side of Tegucigalpa that I can grow to love.  For now, back to reminding myself that I can discover the city I grew up in everyday! 

Until next time!

Come back on Thursday, I'm hoping to have a new friend share about their creative process!!