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Capturing Life with Raul Flores.

Raul and I grew up together.  For a while, him and my brother were in the same youth group, that is until Raul made a major move to the United States.  He'll share about that move & how that's gotten him to where he is now.  I hadn't seen him in years and we ran into each other at the customs line in Miami Airport. I was on my way back to Nashville and he was on his way home from one of his work trips. Today he spends his days filming & editing video and doing photography for a global Christian ministry based in Miami.  I'll let him tell you Why He Creates. 

Photo Courtesy of  Raul Flores.

Photo Courtesy of Raul Flores.



On Inspiration

Tell me how you got started in video and photography?

8 years ago, I came to visit my mom in Miami. It was only meant to be a summer visit, but God spoke to me and told me to stay. I left family, friends, my country (Honduras) and everything I knew behind. I began serving/volunteering at my church's media ministry. It was there that I got my start in video and a soon after in photography. 

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What inspires you to create video?

What inspires me to create is need.

I believe we are born with the need to create, share, and demonstrate what we feel, experience, and learn. Video in particular has always had a special mixture of elements to stir up emotions within a person. To have the ability to influence or shape how someone feels is inspiring. I never begin a video unless I am inspired to edit. I edit because I love it, not because it is my job. 


do you have any personal projects where inspiration played a cool role? 

  • A particular project I recall where inspiration served as cool role was a video made for the youth conference at my church. I remember getting all the slow-mo footage through out the first two days and finding a really cool song online that matched the tone. As soon as I heard the first 10 seconds of it I was "pumped" to edit.


Would you mind sharing a little bit about your current job? 

  • After many years of service at my church, I was offered a position. Currently I am a producer, editor and recently became a social media coordinator for one of the many pages in the ministry (@guillermomaldonado). For the most part, I edit, shoot and produce videos based on conferences we have around the world. These conferences are packed with the demonstration of the love and power of God, which we as a team, capture and soon after produce into a film that recaps the event. Creating content for anything that has to do with telling a story or capturing the essence of a particular moment is also part of my responsibilities.


On Travel & Upbringing

Last time I saw you, I saw you at the Miami airport, you were coming back from a trip on the other side of the world.  How many countries have you traveled to? Has that changed the way you approach creating, if so how?

Thanks to my job I’ve had the privilege of visiting 20 countries and over 35 cities around the world. Being in so many places at a young age has really impacted the way I create, giving "the drive to create" a purpose. I’ve noticed that every country, whether it be small, large, poor, wealthy, no matter the culture or race they all have one thing in common; that is the need of the power and love of God.

Traveling the world has taught me that we do not have much time to create, therefore what we create needs to have a powerful message to bring hope, restoration, healing, deliverance, inspiration and salvation to those who we share it with. 






You left Honduras at a young age. Are you influenced by our culture, our home, when you create? If you are, how so?

I left Honduras at age 14. I believe the biggest influence growing there was the education and development of the Spanish language I received. There are countless times that I have had to know proper Spanish when creating a post, making subtitles for a video, creating a graphic or communicating with locals in a mountain in Colombia. In addition, I think it has also grounded me to stay humble no matter wherever God takes me.



On Process

Tell me a little bit about your process behind making a video?

The way I begin every video is always through an idea. This idea usually serves as the foundation that will inspire me to edit and finish the piece. This can be manifested through audio, a certain shot, color, concept, script, or anything that sparks the creative juices in me. Second, it's audio. If I do not have the right audio I do not begin editing. Audio is extremely important as it carries the potency of the emotional ride you will be taking your audience in. Once I have these two pieces together I am ready to begin editing. 




I've noticed you started working with drones recently.  Tell me a bit of that change in videography as more technology is readily available. 


Every year technology keeps on advancing at a fast pace within the audio visual world which means that tasks are made easier and faster to accomplish. Recently, I purchased my first drone. I have never been a big fan of drones as they are expensive and bulky. I like the fast pace of gorilla shooting and usually these drones wouldn’t allow for it, until now. DJI released this portable drone that fits in the palm of your hand and, personally, it changed my perspective on aero photography. What before would be exclusive to big budget films, now is available in my book bag. I find it fascinating and I am grateful to live in a time like this. 


What artists (videographers, photographers, etc) are you looking at for inspiration?

I am in the constant search for people to inspire me. A few of my current inspirations are Philip Bloom, Sam Hurd, Final Kid, Casey Neistat, Sam Kolder and Devin Graham.

I've included links to these filmmakers Raul is looking at, have fun checking them out if you don't know them already! 


Any advice to someone who wants to create?

My advice for anyone is to find your passion, find your purpose and find God’s will for your life.

We were created by the Creator of heaven and earth. He is the ultimate creator, and if he becomes your source of life you will never run out of new ideas. 



Raul Thank You!!

You're doing great things, thanks for being an encouragement at a distance! Excited to see where God keeps taking you!

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