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Barcelona: un sueño

I had arrived. Barcelona-Sans Estació.  All the signs in Catalan, yet close enough to Spanish that I could make my way around.  I would meet my friend Luis Daniel at the station, after almost 1.5 years. I saw him last when we were both in Honduras during the Spring of 2015. 

We met at age 4, pre-kinder class, but became good friends in middle school and remained friends even when we left for different countries to get our college degrees.  He came to Barcelona a little over a year ago in search for a job where he could use his engineering degree.  Lucky for me when I planned this trip, he was one of the first stops I had thought of.  

My first time in Barcelona was about 10 years ago, and I remembered certain landmarks well.  I did not get to swim in the Barcelona beaches then, so I was determined to do so this time.  

My first day there Luis and I headed for a tour of the Barrio Gotico and el Born.  Quaint little streets full of shops and restaurants, we ended up in this giant park Ciutadella Park resembling Central Park in New York.  We walked towards the Catedral de Barcelona a lovely church building, where we did not go in because I had shorts on (If you want to go to all the European churches, you should google their dress code…).  We kept walking and to our right was the Book Fair.  Spaniards love to read. No wonder people in Europe seem to be well cultured and intellectual.  I rarely saw kids playing on iPads, and saw so many books.  I also saw lots of shoe stores, probably because people walk everywhere.  

It was time for lunch, and we went into a quaint little coffee shop.  Followed by more walking around all the city, we walked by the Picasso Museum (museums are usually free on Sundays or the first Sunday of the month, so do you research).  Luis wasn’t willing to make the line with me, so I would have to come back on a later day.  

We kept walking as he gave me a tour of the city.  I saw these buildings that looked like Fred Flintstone lived in them, and I knew: Gaudí. I remember quite well.  This would start my quest to see his buildings with new eyes.  This year I have focused on growing my art and also finding my unique style and process as an artist.  I enjoyed learning about Guadí and his quest to connect nature and creation and its relation to God as creator.  (It’s very similar to the first collection of paintings I’ll be releasing soon).  After day 1, I was hooked and ready to search for the beauty of the city. 


We headed to his apartment and called it a day. 


I would be on my own the next couple of days as Luis had to work.  So I would work half the day (thankful for internet) and explore the rest.  I saw quite a bit of Barcelona, but on that first day I had to see the ocean.  I am obsessed with the ocean.  The last day I saw it was in June (thankfully not that long ago). So, I took my DSLR to take some pictures, knowing that I wouldn’t be able to get in, since I didn’t have anyone watching my things.  However, once I got there I couldn’t resist.  

The colors and the people.  Tourists galore.  I would embark on a 1 week journey to enjoy different aspects of the culture, traditional tourist spots, art, and food. 


Several times I thought to myself: is this real? 

Barcelona was a dream.    It was a week full of walking, color and inspiration every day.  Every day had a surprise that was close to being better than the last. I hope you enjoyed this shorter posts.  I'm working on making them shorter and more frequent (mostly because it takes my grandmother and mom-in Honduras- a long time to load the pages)....

¿Vale? Hasta la proxima.

New posts coming up:

  •  More Barcelona: Colors of Barcelona + Gaudi (including Sagrada Familia & Park Guell) + Skate Park, followed by a separate post of  "A day in Girona, a half day trip to a little town near Barcelona".  Hopefully, I'll start posting 1-2 times a week so you can see more pictures. 
  • I'm also going to be sharing new photography projects & paintings that I worked on recently!!!