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Ocean is the color

"Ocean is the color" is the name of one of my paintings, named after that beach song that goes "Amber is the color of your energy".  I think that would be applicable for this post. 

Following up on yesterday's post about California, as promised. This post focuses on the color of the ocean, and the colors found in the city of San Jose.  I was really inspired by all the street art, so this is an homage to the voice of the different communities that I saw. 


This is the place that truly confirmed that at some point in my life I will move to a house by the ocean, preferably a place with warm water where I will swim, every day.   Unlike the previous day, this day was a little warmer.  So we packed our things and headed to Monterey.  I remember getting a souvenir from this place as a kid, never imagining I would actually visit it one day.  We parked at the side of the ocean where I saw divers getting ready to go in the water.  The water shined and the deep blue permeated everything within its reach.  I really don't know what the divers are looking at, it's so hard to see through the algae, but they were happy swimming along.  Seeing that made me thankful for the warm water in Honduras and the beauty of Roatan, hopefully, one day I'll get my permit to dive.   I hadn't packed a swim suit, and didn't have shorts with me, so I rolled up my pants and walked into the water up onto my knees.  It was freezing, but the sun was shinning and I was in California. 

Splish, splash, memories of my childhood instantly touching my toes.  To my left I saw 3 teenage girls jump in the water, in their wetsuits, grab their paddle boards and diving masks and exploring they went.  What a privilege it is to live by the ocean,  it is a beautiful way of life.  

The younger crew split from the parents and off we went to drive a little bike-buggy.  We stopped along the way to take some pictures by the rocks, and these beach pictures are some of my favorite pictures of all time. I was enamored by the different types of blue, different than what I had seen in beaches before. Everything felt surreal as I haven't spent much time by beaches that are next to cliffs. 

Street Art

As I looked at the new environment I was in, the colors of the street art kept capturing my attention, until we finally took a quick walk around downtown San Jose.  Here are some of my favorites as my friends and I walked around San Jose in search for beauty.  In this walk, my eye kept being attracted to the different blue and gray tones, an overarching theme for my trip. 



Finally a post about sightseeing last June in my hometown of Tegucigalpa.  Come back next week!