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Portraits: Vance

I've known Vance for some time now. We went to the same college, and I had worked with him on some t-shirt design, and had lots of mutual friends. So naturally when he moved to Nashville we became better friends. Vance has one of my favorite qualities: you can always have a deep conversation with him and he won't sugar coat what he's thinking about even if he doesn't agree with you.  He loves the outdoors and likes photography, so naturally when I asked him if we could do a shoot we went outside. He happens to live in the outskirts of Nashville on a lot of land, so we went exploring.   

Lessons in photography:

I used a 50mm lens on my Canon 60d, forcing me to focus on the subject and not the entire landscape.  It was a great way to focus on my light sources, and how much I wanted to actually focus on the person. The goal was to try to capture Vance's essence.  As we took pictures, I realized that he was a little overdressed in relation to who Vance really is. His essence is simple and straightforward, just like his love for nature, and how nature presents a simple beauty just by being in its full essence.   So my favorites are the ones where he's wearing a hat, I think those pictures give a better glimpse of Vance. 

On the flip-side, this photography adventure included him practicing with his camera, and taking pictures of me.  I quickly found out that I'm way more comfortable behind the camera than in front of it.  All in all it was a lovely Saturday afternoon.  Without further ado, the many faces of Vance. Enjoy! 

I told you he took some pictures of me as well.. Well, here's one of my favorites. Otherwise, visit the bio page, you can find some of the pictures Vance took of me there. 



I love sharing about new photos, travel and things I'm learning.  Coming up soon, a new experience in photography and new paintings.