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A Spring Block Party

Every Saturday, a group of college-mid 20s fabulous people that I have met get together and we go play with a group of kids.  If you've seen my previous Edgehill posts, you might already know that but if not let me tell you the story.  

A brief history

A girl named Bailey moved to Nashville 3 years ago.  She met a refugee family, & the mom happened to be about to have a baby.  Bailey took them to the hospital, and that began a friendship that would invite many others into a community in the middle of Nashville.  The boys in the family invited her to play soccer on Saturday, and asked her to bring friends.  She didn't have any friends in the city, since she had just moved to Nashville.  She still showed up and played that weekend.  Since that day, she's never gone back to Edgehill alone.  


Today, there's a group of about 20 volunteers who get together on Saturdays and go play with kids that live in the projects in the Edgehill community (myself included).  It's pretty simple really: we show up, meet our friends (the kids) at the park and play for a couple of hours. Edgehill Friends (what we call our group) has grown and we've been able to do big community events through the help of different local partners.  As part of celebrating Easter, Ethos Church wanted to invest in the city and intentionally bless this community with a day of celebrating life. They helped us put on a great block party as well as mobilized about 50 volunteers.  (50 voluteers). 

All this background to say, Edgehill parties are probably my favorite days.  Not only do we get to play with the kids we see every week, but the kids are able to experience fun beyond the ordinary and I think its moments like those that make a big impression in life. 


I wanted to try something different so these photographs have a little less vibrant colors than what I normally do, but I like the change in the tones and enjoy the warmth it added to the pictures. 

Here's some of my favorites

We painted, we sang, we danced, we took pictures & rode down slides, we made new friends and ate galore. For all of the pictures check out the NEW Edgehill Friends Facebook Page & give it a Like! 

Here's some of my favorite portraits from the day before when we were a part of the community event; Edgehill Rocks

As always these kids inspire me, mostly because I feel like a kid when I'm around them. Parties like these are some of my favorite times to take pictures and to capture kids' smiles.  

What inspires you? 

Thanks for checking out my newest pictures. Until next time. 



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My friend Vance and I went on a little photography excursion in his backyard...He lives on tons of acres of land so we walked and climbed trees (he did), and I got some pretty cool pictures.. Stay tuned! (Release date: April 28th)



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