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Portraits: Leah


Always Learning

One of my goals for 2016 was to become better at photography.  I've been reading this book by Jackie Battenfield, about developing your art as a business, developing as a brand if you will.  One of the main things she talks about is developing your unique style.  When it comes to photography, I decided to focus this year on developing more technical skills, but also being intentional about growing and discovering my unique style. 

My interest in photography began when I traveled as a child.  I remember the first camera I used was a digital SONY cam-corder that took still shots, and then using my Motorola cell phones that had cameras. As a teenager I marveled at European architecture, maybe it was because back then my dream was to become an architect.   With time, however, I noticed that many of my pictures lacked people.  A little over 10 years later, I find that people are becoming more and more interesting to me, so that is one of the major areas where I want to improve on this year. Doing this shoot reminded me of taking a figure drawing class in College, where I had to think differently than what I'm naturally wired to do. 

For this shoot in particular, I asked 2 friends if I could take pictures of them.  Today you get to meet Leah.  I met Leah last fall and its been fun getting to know her.  She is kind, smart, and truly cares about her friends.  She knows who she is and thus has a unique sense of freedom that is contagious when you are around her.  She is also a very wise woman.  When I asked her about taking her pictures, she did not hesitate.  Leah is also a photographer and takes lifestyle & fashion pictures, making it easy for me to learn in this process.  She had the poses down, was involved in the creative process of choosing the backgrounds, etc. 

Here are some of my favorites. 


Personally, I was looking to grow in creating an interesting composition with a person in the shot, and use any color, natural light and texture that we could find.  Moving forward I think I'll be focusing more on the details about each person.  

As we walked around downtown, we ended up by Printer's Alley, a place full of restaurants and clubs.  As we walked, we heard blues being played in the background: Music City at its best. The brick walls and bright colors reminded me of the vibrancy of New Orleans. It was a fun Sunday afternoon. 


Thanks for visiting! 

For now, that is all. Thank you for checking out the pictures.  I'm hoping to share lots more from this shoot soon, where you can meet Jed!  Be sure to stay updated on day to day photography and projects through instagramFacebook, or Pinterest.  Or, if you want to share with a friend, (I would love that). 


Coming Soon

Like I said above, I had 2 friends come with me on this photo-adventure.  Next up is a portrait session with Jed, a talented singer-songwriter.

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