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Kids Day In the Park 2015

A year ago I met a great group of kids who live in Nashville.  From that moment on, I spent my Saturdays meeting up with a group of college students in order to play with them and build relationships with the kids and their families (Edgehill Friends).   

Some of these kids are refugees from places around the world.  Some of these kids were born into situations that make them grow up early, or they were born into families that deal with living in poverty everyday.  So in my case,  being able to be a friend and play with these kids once a week is something I consider of crucial importance, as I hope to be someone of positive influence in their lives.


Since my return to Nashville, I hadn't seen them except for a special occasion for the wedding of the girl who started it all to her best friend.  They are two of the funnest most loving people I've met, and these kids they love dearly were integral parts of their wedding, it was great.   Needless to say I was quite excited to see these kids again and celebrate the end of the summer before the school year starts.  

Kids Day in the Park is an opportunity to meet new kids in the community.  We had inflatables, water slides, karaoke, face painting, lunch, gave out backpacks and lots of friends and volunteers.  The act of giving out backpacks is key because many of these kids can't afford to buy all the supplies they need for a new school year.  We're thankful that Ethos Church was able to sponsor the event and help Edgehill Friends continue growing relationships with this community. 


I played with new filters for these pictures.  Here's some of my favorite pictures, enjoy! 

Singing their hearts out. 

Singing their hearts out. 

Someone had a little too much cotton candy. 

Someone had a little too much cotton candy. 



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Picture taken by Amy Archer, edited by Helga Sierra

Picture taken by Amy Archer, edited by Helga Sierra



Waterslides, dancing to "Let it Go" and many others, face-painting and more. Did I mention dancing?  There was lots of dancing, because when you celebrate, dancing is what you do. Here's some of my favorite action shots of the day. 



We couldn't have done it without the help of our awesome volunteers! The event couldn't have gone smoother, and again a special thanks to Ethos Church for being the sponsor of this fun-filled Saturday. 

Edgehill Friends History:

It all began when Miss Bailey (as the kids call her) was invited to play soccer.  She had just moved to Nashville and became friends with a family from Sudan.  The kids invited her to play soccer on Saturday and there were too many kids for one adult to handle.  Since that Saturday, she always had friends to come play with the kids.     We are now called the Edgehill Friends, and its mostly college students in Nashville who spend their Saturdays building relationships with these kids. 

When the beautiful game can change the world.

To the person/persons who invented soccer, thank you.  Not only is it a fun sport, it continues to unite people around the world.