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2015 Discover: Urbanscapes Calendar

2015 Discover: Urbanscapes Calendar is now available!

After a couple of weeks of launching my first product I was able to complete a small production of a calendar featuring photography of different cities and towns from around the world.  

Not only does nature inspire me, but urban scenery does as well.  This calendar was curated to feature urban scenery from photographs that I took on various trips to amazing cities around the world since 2002. Going through all of my archives to choose what pictures to place on this calendar was fun as it brought back many memories and reminded me of the amazing education I have received through travel.  I have been to over 20 countries (America, Europe, and Asia) and at my age, I don't think many people can say they have traveled that much.  So thank you airlines for becoming more competitive and lowering your airfare & thank you mom and dad for investing in travel and instilling a sense of adventure within me.  If you missed the first blog post as to why I made these calendars, below is a small recap.


  1. Create a business plan and product line for a sustainable model that creates funding for opportunities to empower children in low-income areas through art and sport.  
    • Honduras is one of the poorest and most corrupt nations in the American Continents.  There is much opportunity to do good.
  2. Establish partnerships with existing local and multinational organizations, that already work with children and seek diversification of outreach methods
    • There are people already doing good and impacting the lives of children, I want to partner with them and be a bridge between cultures, opportunities, etc. 
  3. Design and implement a pilot art and sports program with an established organization and create local volunteering opportunities for people who are passionate about arts, sports, and children. 


  • Photography from the Tegucigalpa Food Market, "El Mayoreo".


In 2005 it all began,: a passion for children that keeps growing and growing.  I have been blessed to have met many other who have similar passions as mine and serve children around the world.  Here are some pictures of a few of the different children who I have been able to serve and know during those years.  They are my inspiration and why I am on this pursuit to provide them with opportunities to be children with big dreams who want to positively impact their world. 

  • If you have more ideas and wish to partner with resources or connections in the United States, Honduras or elsewhere send me a direct message through the contact page