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The beauty of Seattle.

A few of weeks ago my brother texted me and said, "Hey I'm looking at going to NYC in 2 weeks, you should come too."  Naturally, I considered the possibility because I love to travel and didn't have classes on the travel dates and have a flexible work schedule.  

We ended up finding the cheapest tickets to Seattle, and had some family friends who have known us since we were born that we could stay with.  They live in the beautiful town of Everett, about an hour away from downtown Seattle.  I was 3 when I was there the last time, so I didn't remember anything, nor had I done any research about the place.  Our hosts, the Bonilla's and Jimenez's were awesome because they knew where we need to go and what we needed to see.  Not only that, but it was nice to talk in Spanish for one whole week.  Even though many times it was spanglish, it felt good to see them and we are so thankful we got to spend that time together. 

Of course I took my camera and took way too many pictures for one week, but I'll give you the guide of the places we went to in case you ever go to Seattle. 


Really close to Everrett, located in a valley. We went grocery shopping for organic food and walked in the small downtown, which had many many shops, they mostly had antiques.  

Mukilteo (in Spanish it sounds like moco-tio). 

Ahh the pacific North West.  We got to go to the beach. I love the ocean.  It was great to be around it once again.  Everything inside me wished I could go swimming, but it would have really been a polar ice plunge.  So we just walked around. 


Now this little boy and his mom took us to many different places.  Last time I had seen him he was about 2 years old.  Now he is a very smart 4 year old who speaks both Spanish and English and LOVES futbol. 

Downtown Seattle

Probably one of my favorites just because it is so alive, there are many tourists and locals, colors and smells.  Definitely a very quaint place where we did all that we had to as tourists.  We ate awesome Indian food, stopped at the first Starbucks, saw flying fish at the market, walked by the space needle, saw awesome architecture, went to the Gates Foundation, and unfortunately walked by the gum wall (my least favorite part). 

Locks + Beach #2

We went and saw the locks that help boats go from the lake to the ocean.  It reminded me of the Panama locks. Then we had a picnic at the beach and playing in the sand was fun.  Once again I wanted to swim and play beach volleyball but it really wasn't the place for that.  Nonetheless it was fun to attempt to skip rocks (I have decided that is an American-as in US- talent). 

Mt. Rainier National Park

I know men and women can make pretty cool stuff.  But hiking up a mountain for 2 miles and seeing one of the most impressive sites I've seen,  just had me in awe of what God made.  Pictures are not enough to show how impressive it was. Indiana Jones (Jose Luis-the dad of one of the families that hosted us-close friends with my parents) took us up to the park.  There were so many mountains, so many trees. and it was all so beautiful.  Once we got up to the end of our trail, we wanted to keep going, but Indiana was a little bit tired, and we really did not have the gear to keep climbing up the snow.  Mt. Rainier has extreme weather changes and in fact the week before a famous guide and a small group of people passed away trying to reach the summit.  We could not have left Seattle without doing a little bit of exploring nature, there were some amazing sites to see. 

We did a couple a couple of more things like go to the Boeing Factory (which was awesome to see as I just went to China and saw a different concept for supply chain).  They produce the 777, 747, and 737 at the factory we went to and it was just amazing to see how people imagine these awesome things and make them become a reality.  We definitely missed our parents as they would have enjoyed all that we did, but hey hopefully we'll get a family trip soon enough.  Definitely thankful for the sense of adventure and curiosity they instilled in us. 

Gracias por atendernos familia Bonilla y Jimenez.