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Ethos at McMurray

Two Sundays ago, on resurrection Sunday my church (Ethos) had decided to do things a little differently.  They took up an offering so we could go serve the following week.  The goal was $250,000.  I am not sure if we made that goal, but I do know that we went to serve around the city the following week. Some hosted block parties for kids, we raised funds for missonaries and other projects, etc...

For a while now, I had been thinking of ways to serve at my church.  I had signed up to go to McMurray middle school with all of my house church friends.  Most of the community that was coming was refugees, and well I already love them, so it felt like great fit.  

While I really didn't get to play with any kids, which is my favorite, or really talk to many of the families that were there; I took pictures. I really enjoyed it, it was a chance for me to use the nice camera I got in the fall and take pictures of kids having fun.  

I think they turned out a lot nicer than what I thought. Here's some of them, because I took around 300.