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A Colorado adventure.

The past weekend I had the privilege of going to visit one of my best friends, in Ft. Collins, Colorado.  I also got to see one of my very good college friends, in Denver.  I had been to Colorado once before, and all I have are great memories of ACU's leadership summit course.  This was quite the weekend meeting new people and experiencing the Colorado outdoors.  The weather was nice and most days it was sunny, by this time of year it should have been colder but it wasn't and for that I'm thankful.  Fort Collins is a pretty little town full of college students, a beautiful historic downtown with lots of shops and restaurants.  My favorite (besides getting to spend time with friends) was getting to do a little exploring and enjoying beautiful nature.  I happened to snap some of my favorite pictures that I've taken recently, and have chosen only the best for you to enjoy.  


We went to Estes Park for a Sunday afternoon hike.  It was quite the experience, as it had beautiful lakes and rocks (obviously it is the Rocky Mountains) and it started snowing! My hands were freezing at different points of the hike and sometimes it was hard to breathe because we were at around 8,000 feet but it was worth it. I felt like I was in a Lord of the Rings movie or a Hobbit movie or you get the point... except it was real nature around me.  Inside I felt like Water Mitty exploring the world. ( That links to the awesome soundtrack of that movie, it's a regular on my playlists). 

I hope that you enjoyed a little bit of my adventure. 

Until next time Colorado.