Helga Sierra
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Creative Consultant: free-lance artist, graphic designer, photographer & marketing consultant Helga Sierra from Honduras 


Meet Helga Sierra

  Courtesy of Ashley Reeves. 

Courtesy of Ashley Reeves. 



Helga Sierra,  (from Tegucigalpa, Honduras) is a creative consultant and multi-disciplinary artist.  She currently offers services in marketing consulting, graphic design & photography and fine arts.  

Her professional education, obtained in the United States, is in Business Management (BBA, MBA). In recent years she has worked with multiple organizations (small businesses and non-profits) to promote their products, services, and events, by specializing in marketing strategy & implementation through the use of creative disciplines (including graphic design, photography, fine arts, etc). 

Currently based in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, but available for travel. 

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With a capacity to communicate in multiple languages, Helga is able to adjust to different cultural groups and communicate with ease. Helga is fluent in English & Spanish (spoken & written), has an intermediate French level (spoken & written), and can get around in Portuguese speaking countries (spoken, beginner). 


While painting is something she started at a young age, it was traveling that challenged her way of looking at the world.  Helga has traveled to over 25 countries, and the observations from these travels still influence her today. They have instilled a love for both nature and modern urban settings, as well as a love for cultures.  

After a 3 month journey in Europe during the fall of 2016, she worked on 3 painting series that were a part of her art show Heart Portraits, in Tegucigalpa.  However, it is a variety of activities in daily life that inspire her most.  You'll find her playing sports, going to new coffee shops and reading new books, exploring parks, mountains or beaches: keeping her inspiration sources fresh. 




In May of 2015, Helga received an MBA degree with a concentration in non-profit management, as part of the select group of Global Hope MBA scholars from Lipscomb University. As a final stage to complete her MBA she pursued starting a social enterprise to empower children from low income neighborhoods through art (LUNNA).  

To this day LUNNA has worked with 280 children in Tegucigalpa, who have received high quality art lessons in order to inspire their creativity.    In this process Helga curated an art show where, 90 of those children presented paintings and photographs in the inaugural: EXPO Descubre Tu Talento 2015.  LUNNA continues in its start-up stage with the goal to empower kids of low-income neighborhoods through art & provide opportunities for artists to serve globally.