Helga Sierra

Fine Arts

New Abstract Art Collection by Honduran Artist Helga Sierra, includes 4 new series. 

HEart POrtraits ColleCtion

The Heart Portraits Collection by Helga Sierra captures life events and the state of emotions of a moment or life experience through the abstraction of shapes by using bold strokes and color inspired by the location where each piece was painted using line as a common thread to create balance and harmony within the layers of each piece, layers of paint as a metaphor to the layers of the soul.The collection is composed of three series as the artist started to develop her own unique style while living in Nashville, Tennessee.  As she returned to Honduras she spent several months in Portugal refining her style giving birth to the Lisbon Series.  The last series of this collection was painted in her hometown of Tegucigalpa in the Spring of 2017 in preparation for her solo-show "Heart Portraits" in April of 2017.  

Helga is currently working on a new series called "Movement" (as a metaphor for change) in her studio in Tegucigalpa and will be presenting new works in 2018. 

Tegucigalpa Series

New series created for Heart Portraits Art Show in Tegucigalpa April-May 2017.   Inspired by the colors of the city and a new exploration on a love for black lines. For a better view, zoom in by clicking on each picture.

Lisbon 2 Series LookBook by Helga Sierra.jpg

Lisbon Series

Inspired by daily experiences in Lisbon, Portugal. Influenced by the blues, pinks and tans of the city and the beautiful marks in the street art that is found all over. Created in Lisbon in the Fall of 2016. All paintings are 19.75" x 24.5" on canvas paper. For a better view, zoom in by clicking on each picture.

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Lisbon 2 Series

The newest series created for Heart Portraits the Art Show.  This series features photography from Lisbon + paint to represent feelings or things I imagined in a certain setting.   For a better view, zoom in by clicking on each picture.

Nashville Series

The original series, this is the moment where painting freely made sense. Inspired by the meeting of urban and nature settings of the city.  Created in Nashville, Tennessee in 2016. For a better view, zoom in by clicking on each picture.

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 "To me each painting has a deep spiritual meaning, but the beauty of abstract art is that you can feel something and be reminded of your own experience."