Helga Sierra
Helga Sierra



Helga has limited spots to create one-of-a-kind commissioned pieces.

The process is very personal and involves a conversation to know what you as a client are looking for and discovering if it matches Helga’s current art practice.

The process includes a personal visit or video call to establish your desires as a client. After defining what you are looking for based on Helga’s past work or current art series, you will receive a quote and timeline. The quote contains the process and payment terms.

Each work of art is different, but each commissioned piece has a unique approach and challenge.


Movimiento En El Tiempo,

Mixed Media: Acrylic, Photograph on waterproof fabric, 60” x 100”

2018 Painting Commission, Inversiones La Paz


Luz en El Movimiento,

Acrylic + Spray Paint + Fabric on Canvas, 60” x 120”

2018 Commission, Private Client in collaboration with El Armario Design Studio