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Mural for Casa Quinchon in Tegucigalpa

Last week I create a mural for Casa Quinchon and Connect CoWork in Tegucigalpa.  Here's a 2 minute time-lapse of the painting process. 

2-minute TimeLapse video by Honduran visual artist: Helga Sierra Commissioned Mural for Connect CoWork and Casa Quinchon in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Casa Quinchon is a new creative endeavor in Honduras promoting collaboration for entrepreneurs and creatives. The commissioned mural is inspired by my original painting "Constant in The Rain: which you can view here: -- bit.ly/2ku6vvE Video production and edits are original.

Helga Sierra-Quinchon-Mural-2018.jpg

The mural is inspired by another painting I created in the Spring of 2017: Constant in the Rain. The colors were modified to fit the brighter color scheme that is a part of Casa Quinchon. 

Constant in the Rain by Helga Sierra. Heart Portraits Collection 2017. 

Constant in the Rain by Helga Sierra. Heart Portraits Collection 2017. 

More on Process

Quinchon Mural 2018-2.jpg
Quinchon Mural 2018-4.jpg

I maintained the original elements of the composition: the 3 white lines, while modifying the colors to make it seam less dark.  Casa Quinchon is a collaborative work-space so the colors chosen were to communicate energy.   

Emulating rain drops, the mural features several "washes" to give this sensation. 

The original inspiration came to me, as I finished a work out on a rainy night in Tegucigalpa.  I was at a point in my life where everyday seemed to be different, some days were happy, others were not; yet even in the most difficult moments, God showed me He will never leaves me and is working through and around me, many times in ways I can't control.  Constant in the Rain, is a reference to a moment, where the rain drops fee (as I saw the workout equipment -red and yellow-) and was reminded that my worries or happiness can change daily, but God is constant and it is because of Him that I can have joy.  A year after painting the original I can still say I believe this is true.  

Quinchon Mural 2018-10.jpg

Stay tuned for new projects in art, photo and design.