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Collaboration: H.Sierra x The Oranges Book

I never imagined making my art into fashion items, but then again I did go to business school, so the idea wasn't far fetched for me. 

I present an artistic collaboration with Momo Sosa from The Orange's Book featuring my original paintings as fashion statement pieces. 

Momo has worked for many fashion designers in Honduras including Yoyo Barrientos, Nylon Magazine in New York and is headed to Mexico City as a scholarship recipient to pursue his graduate studies in Fashion Styling.  I presented him with my ideas, we shared art direction and collaborated with amazing creatives to give you:

From MY Studio, to Your Statement



The studio is a space of sanctity, a space where ideas come to life.  A space where emotions can float as the creative process can lead me to hating the painting to finishing the work and being happy.  The Heart Portraits Collection (the paintings featured in the clothing) was a collection I created from the sanctity of my bedroom floor, as I moved places, traveled and really didn't have a studio.  Today I write this post from my new sanctum, a studio where all ideas are welcome but only some will reach existence. 

These are limited edition statement pieces made for an urban lifestyle and never seen before photographs.


OrangesBook X H.Sierra


Styling: Momo Sosa Model: Nayibe Dacarett, Hair and Make Up by Katherine Martinez.

Silk Scarf Featuring Miss You Painting in Blue

I have a hard time choosing favorite paintings, but the Miss You painting, is featured in the scarves and kimono shirt. I chose the blue parts of this painting as when I created it, it brought me peace during a difficult time. I wanted to create high quality pieces that you can wear througout time. 

HELGASIERRAxORANGESBOOK_Abstract Art & Fashion-52.jpg
HELGASIERRAxORANGESBOOK_Abstract Art & Fashion-48.jpg

The Painting

"Miss You" the original painting was one I painted in Lisbon, Portugal.  In terms of my creative process, this was the city that gave me new ideas and allowed me to learn more about how I view the world and experience it by creating. (Before that point, I just assumed most people saw the world like I did, it turns out I'm often inspired).  I love the blue tones in the painting and the balance created by the orange and purple, it made it for a perfect all year round clothing item. 

Miss You, Acrylic on Canvas Paper. Painted in Lisbon, Portugal is available for sale (19.75" (H) by 24.5" (W))

Miss You, Acrylic on Canvas Paper. Painted in Lisbon, Portugal is available for sale (19.75" (H) by 24.5" (W))


Dress it Up: Kimono Shirt

Nayibe is wearing the Kimono Shirt featuring the Drive Painting, from the series I created in Nashville in the spring/summer of 2016.

The Kimono Shirt was made to be comfortable, loose, something to wear over a nice dress, or your everyday clothes.  It was made for an urban lifestyle. 

On set is one of my other paintings: "You've Seen Me".

DRIVE, 36" X 48" , ACRYLIC ON CANVAS, For Sale

DRIVE, 36" X 48" , ACRYLIC ON CANVAS, For Sale


Soft Pink of "Drive" the painting

This painting was inspired by the roads in Nashville, Franklin Pike to be specific.  I'm often asked why I travel to Nashville, and all I can say is, for three years it was home. This painting was a specific turning point for me as it is when I truly embarked on a journey of spending many hours developing my painting style, something that I felt was truly 'Helga'. 


Dress it Down: Kimono Shirt

Miss You painting, featured in blue.  

After discussing concepts, Momo and I made it.  He wanted to show people what a life in the studio is like.  I find that often I need to detach myself from the art, and allow people to see in (I'll be honest it doesn't come naturally, but after years of sharing it's getting easier)

Art: Giving life and taking color everywhere.   


Coming Soon

Not available to market, I started creating prototypes for hand-crafted leather purses with a group of local makes in Tegucigalpa.  Let me know what you think, this might be the next collection I create. 

Eyes on Me painting from the Tegucigalpa Series 24" by 36"  For Sale Email: helga.s@hsierradesigns.com for inquiries on large paintings

Eyes on Me painting from the Tegucigalpa Series 24" by 36"

For Sale Email: helga.s@hsierradesigns.com for inquiries on large paintings



To be honest this photo shoot was an amazing collaborative process.

An extra thanks to: Momo Sosa (Art Direction + Styling), Katherine Martinez (Hair and Makeup), Forever 21 Tegucigalpa, David Waimin (who helped with behind-the-scenes, but is also a great photograher), Ana Farach (behind the scenes- and is also a talented artist) , Nicole Lopez (behind the scenes- and is also a talented artist), Carolina Carias (studio).   

From my Studio

Today I write this from my new studio in Tegucigalpa. I am now based in a collaborative house called El Taller HN, a multi-functional space ideal for my consulting services in: graphic design, photography and painting.  No more coffee shops for me, except for fun reading and deep conversations.


2017 was a year where I created like never before and learned many lessons along the way.  I'm excited to stop doing the things I did wrong (as I made some mistakes along the way) but also to see the new collaborations 2018 brings.


I'd love it if you join the family and subscribe to get art news.  I'm revamping my newsletter and I've got new projects in the works including new artwork I've been working on since October of 2017, collaborating with brands, city travel guides, starting a non-profit and more! 

After all, why not? I'd rather fail trying than not know what could have been. 

Be sure to leave your comment below and let me know what you'd like to read/see more picture of. 

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