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PHOTO: Manuel (A day in the City)

Meet Manuel Castillo


A couple of months ago (literally 2 months ago), I had the amazing opportunity to shoot some pictures for a special person: my grandfather. 

Manuel Castillo is known for "Adelante Selección", a song that celebrates our soccer team.  He made it during the qualifiers for the '82 world cup.  Since then he's written and composed many songs that talk about Honduran culture, politics, etc.  


Born in Jesus de Otoro and later moved to Tegucigalpa where he lived out his professional career. He is also known as one of the founders of Voces Universitarias, a choir from the National University, and creating a famous birthday song that is played in the local radio stations.  Meaning people call in and request his song.



Honestly, I wish I knew more specific details of his carreer, but I do remember my granfather playing at the Estadio Nacional in a game Honduras vs. Panama and a performance he had at the Teatro Manuel Bonilla, which may I add is one of the most beautiful historic buildings in Tegucigalpa. 


So browse through these pictures, it had been a long time since my grandfather had his headshots done, so it was a fun day in the city. 

Teatro Manuel Bonilla in Tegucigalpa

Teatro Manuel Bonilla in Tegucigalpa


Might I add, he likes his stage personas.  He's got concert attire that usually includes his boots, hats, and something shiny: maybe a belt or a shiny shirt.


What can I say, maybe my love of hats comes from him.

My granddad loves performing, but mostly he is a sweet man.  He loves his family and has a sensitive heart.  He is one to fall in love quickly and is proud of all his kids and grandkids.   I don't think he knows that I now play the guitar (just a couple of chords and I only play in the confines of my own house), but he trusted my artistic eyes.  

A special shout out to my aunt: Peggy who helped with branding and helped him choose his outfits.  Trust me, he has way more costumes that displayed in this shoot. 



I haven't blogged in a long time, I've been too busy.  

I love blogging, as it helps me process the things I'm creating, and where Im traveling.  Since, I'm headed to Europe next week, have had several photoshoots and have been painting, hopefully I'll be updating this more regularly.

Ohh and I'm going to Europe and having a 5 day art show in Lisbon, Portugal. Stay Tuned! 


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