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Photo: A day in Franklin with the future Mr. & Mrs. Nelms

I've had multiple projects going on lately, and haven't blogged much. So here's a couple of pictures from a recent shoot in downtown Franklin. 

It was their favorite date night

Perfect location; Franklin, Tennessee.

The brick walls and the enchantment of this little town in Tennessee. They strolled around downtown Franklin, I followed. Ice cream at the parlor + exploring. 

I wanted to capture their story, so this location was perfect. It's a place where they had been to many times prior, it was their favorite date night. 

Historic Franklin


I've known Louis And Macy since the time I first moved to Nashville for grad school so taking their pictures 4 years later was a blast. 


Cinderella Twirls


and then the sun set...

After following them around downtown Franklin, it was time to catch the sunset.   As the night started to grow it seemed like we wouldn't get the pinks and purples that light up a Tennessee sky, yet right before 7:40, the colors dropped like a magical fairy tale and Cinderella twirling in her dress. 

Louis & Macy...Thank you for letting me take your pictures. Blessings as you begin a big journey. 

Hope you liked the pictures!

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