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Helga Sierra




because art is only a small imitation of true creation.

Helga Sierra has been a painter for the past sixteen years.  She is currently focusing on creating a collection of paintings that showcase other subjects she is passionate about like, children.  While she has done photography as a hobby, in the past year she has invested time into developing and growing her photography skills-set and portfolio. 



Helga's passion for art started at the age of 8. At that age she received art lessons with Carolina Carias in Tegucigalpa for ten years, and later pursued an art minor during her undergraduate studies.  Today she continues to paint both as a hobby and creates commissioned art work.

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One of Helga's main hobbies is photography. Helga enjoys taking pictures of landscapes, buildings, and partnering with humanitarian outreaches. In 2014, she has focused on increasing her photography portfolio through different travel opportunities. See some of the moments she's captured. 

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Helga started taking painting lessons at the age of 8 in Arte Carolina Carias in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. From a young age she participated in art shows every year, including some international ones in Miami and El Salvador as well as participating in humanitarian efforts with organizations like the Children's Museum of Honduras, the United Nations, and the World Food Program.  This passion for art is something that Helga continues to develop. In college she decided to get a minor in Art.  Everything she learned as a child artist affects the design and marketing that she does today. Painting is still her favorite medium, but she also enjoys mixed media and photography. Please click on the contact link if you're interested in making a purchase or commissioning work.  

All photography and artwork provided by Helga Sierra.